Athletes may only apply retroactively for a TUE to ETH-ADA if:

  • They required emergency or urgent treatment of a medical condition.
  • There was insufficient time, opportunity or other exceptional circumstances that prevented them from submitting the TUE application, or having it evaluated, before getting tested.
  • As per the anti-doping rules of ETH-ADA, they were not permitted or required to apply in advance for a TUE.
  • They are a lower level athlete who is not under the jurisdiction of an International Federation or National Anti-Doping Organisation and were tested.
  • They tested positive after using a substance Out-of-Competition that was only prohibited In-Competition (for example glucocorticoids).

 In rare and exceptional circumstances and notwithstanding any other provision in the ISTUE, they may apply for and be granted retroactive approval for a therapeutic use of a prohibited substance or method, if considering the purpose of the Code, it would be manifestly unfair not to grant a retroactive TUE.

This unique retroactive TUE will only be granted with the prior approval of WADA (and WADA may in its absolute discretion agree with or reject the ETH-ADA’s decision).

 Important note:

Using a prohibited substance or method without a TUE could result in an Anti-Doping Rule Violation.

In case an application for a retroactive TUE is necessary following sample collection, athletes are strongly advised to have a medical file prepared and ready to submit for evaluation.