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Our Vision
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To see a nation, where all athletes can compete in a doping free sporting environment.

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Our Mission
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Protecting the rights of Ethiopian athletes to compete in a doping free sporting environment through inspiring true sport and leading collaborative nationwide anti-doping movement.

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Powers and Duties of Ethiopian National Anti-Doping Office
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In order to prevent doping, the Office shall develop and implement national anti-doping policy and strategy that are compliance with the rules and regulations of WADA including WADC;
Develop and implement training and awareness creation programs for the education of the community in general, and the sporting community in particular, about doping and its dangers in sport;

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Meet the Board
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The ETH-NADO Board has been organized as per the ETH-NADO establishment regulation and played its great roles for the effective execution of the Office’s roles and responsibilities.

The board comprises of 7 (seven) members including the Chair Person...

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