ETH-ADA encourages submitting TUE applications via ADAMS, together with the required medical file. If you do not have an ADAMS account yet, please contact Hellen G.Michael via +251911955649 or Email; to have it set up.

Otherwise, please download the ETH-ADA’s TUE Application Form  ETH-ADA tue_application_form  and once duly completed and signed, send it together with the required medical file to or in person @Yiha City center on the 8th floor

Your TUE application must be submitted in a legible form using capital letters or typing.

The medical file must include:

  • A comprehensive medical history, including documentation from the original diagnosing physician(s) (where possible),
  • The results of all examinations, laboratory investigations and imaging studies relevant to the application.

Athletes are responsible for any cost incurred for the completion of TUE including any required additional medical examinations, tests, imaging studies, etc.

Any TUE application that is not complete or legible will not be dealt with and will be returned for completion and re-submission.

Any TUE application submitted to ETH-NADO without medical documentation will be returned to the athlete and will not be processed.

Athletes also should ensure that their physician has correctly completed all medical information & diagnosis, medication details, and physician declaration sections in the TUE application form.

To assist you and your doctor in providing the correct medical documentation, we suggest consulting the WADA’s Checklists for TUE applications for guidance and support during the TUE application process, and Medical Information to Support the Decisions of TUECs for guidance on specific common medical conditions, treatments, substances, etc.

Keep a complete copy of the TUE application form and all medical information submitted in support of your application, and proof that it has been sent.