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The Regional Anti-Doping Organizations (RADOs) from Africa are seeking interest from individuals who would like to be considered to serve as members of the new African Continental Result Management Panel.

These individuals will be appointed to the African Continental Result Management (RM) Panel by an independent selection committee and will be responsible for the adjudication of potential doping cases for RADO member countries , which includes actively participating in the hearing of cases and drafting reasoned decisions.

The ideal candidate should possess the ability to apply the provisions in the World Anti-Doping Code (Code) and the International Standard for Results Management (ISRM) to practical cases. This person should also be of high moral character and standards, have a keen interest in sport and should be available to participate in and contribute at a high level to the hearing of an anti-doping case when the opportunity arises.

In addition, the candidate should ideally possess the following qualifications;

  • Background as a legal professional (3 years minimum), experience in sports law and litigation or arbitration is an asset
  • Knowledge of the Code and the International Standards, including the ISRM
  • Excellent oral and written skills in English and/or French
  • Good communication skills in English is an asset
  • Additional language would be an asset.
  • Commitment to the protection of clean sport
  • Ability to produce well-written and well-reasoned decisions while facing

strict deadlines

  • Ability to work within and respect confidentiality agreements and conflict of interest policies
  • Be in a position to serve as an impartial member of the African Continental RM Panel as per the definitions below.
  • Strong ability to work as part of a team in varying roles
  • Ability to communicate effectively via electronic means (i.e. e-mail, tele/video conference)

Definitions: Operational and institutional independence

Please note that as per the 2021 Code, first instance hearing panels need to be operationally independent and appeal panels need to be operationally and institutionally independent as defined below.

  • Operational Independence: This means that
  1. board members, staff members, commission members, consultants and officials of the ADO with responsibility for Results Management or its affiliates (e.g., member federation or confederation), as well as any Person involved in the investigation and pre-adjudication of the matter cannot be appointed as members and/or clerks (to the extent that such clerk is involved in the deliberation process and/or drafting of any decision) of hearing panels of that ADO with responsibility for Results Management, and
  2. hearing panels shall be in a position to conduct the hearing and decision-making process without interference from the ADO or any third party. The objective is to ensure that members of the hearing panel or individuals otherwise involved in the decision of the hearing panel, are not involved in the investigation of, or decisions to proceed with, the case.
  • Institutional Independence: Hearing panels on appeal shall be fully independent institutionally from the Anti-Doping Organization (ADO) responsible for Results Management. They must therefore not in any way be administered by, connected or subject to the ADO responsible for Results Management.

When submitting your application, please provide the following information so that your application to serve as an impartial member of the African Continental RM Panel can be considered in light of the operational and institutional independence requirements:

  • Are you working for, or involved with, an ADO (or its affiliates) that could be responsible for Results Management? If so, please specify which ADO and your role.
  • Could you be involved in the investigation and pre-adjudication activities of an ADO responsible for Results Management? If so, please specify.
  • Are you involved with any other third party that could potentially be involved in a doping case? If so, please specify.

Please send your application at

Deadline: 28 February 2021

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