Training is offered to some 40 Medical personnel of sports organizations from regional and city administration.
ADAMA /ETH-NADO/: The Ethiopian National Anti-doping Office has started offering Anti-Doping Awareness creation training to some 40 Health professionals, Nutritionists, and Therapists of sports organizations drown from Addis Ababa, Roomy, Dir Dawa, and Harrey Region from February 26-30/2021.
The five-day-long training organized at Adama Health Hotel here in ADAMA is aiming at enhancing the awareness of Medical personnel’s on Anti-Doping Activities.
Speaking on the occasion, the training, Education, and Research Directorate Director with the office said the trainees would provide training on the concept of doping, health consequences of doping, Control procedures and Athletes’ rights and responsibilities, and other relevant issues to Medical personals.

By Ermias

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