ETH-NADO calls upon Medical personnel to Play a vital role to prevent and control in the fight against doping and a violation of the good spirit of sport
ETH-NADO has Provided Training for Medical Personnel on the nature of Supplements/Vitamins and prohibited Drug Lists
Date: 27 February 2021
ADAMA/ETH-NADO/: The Ethiopian National Anti-doping Office/ETH-NADO/ called upon Medical personal to play their role in promoting doping-free sport and anti-doping activity being carried out in the country.
Speaking at a relevant training Session organized in Adama town on February 26-30, 2021, Director General of ETH-NADO, H.E. Mekonnen Yidersal said the Medical personnel has a vital role to prevent and control doping, which is dangerous in sport.
According to the General Director, Doping creates health and economic problems for Athletes as well as the countries good images made by former great heroes in the international sports arena.
As the medical personnel has an Ethical and legal obligation to prevent and control the fight against doping, it should discharge its responsibility by building the conduct( behavior) and attitudes of the athletes thereby exposing the dangerous sides of doping, he added.
Issues on the nature of Supplements/Vitamins and prohibited Drug Listens are expected to be covered in the training.
More than 40 Medical personnel, Nutrition officers, and paramedical (physical therapist) drown from sports organizations, were in attendance at the training session.

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