The athlete or ETH-ADA has 21 days to refer the matter to WADA for review after notification of the non-recognition. The athlete should send the same information that they submitted to ETH-ADA, and on which their TUEC based their decision, via a secure on-line method or by registered mail at:

WADA Medical Department
World Anti-Doping Agency

Stock Exchange Tower

800 Place Victoria (Suite 1700)

P.O. Box 120

Montreal (Quebec) H4Z 1B7


The email address to enquire and/or send the request for review is:

 Pending WADA’s decision, ETH-ADA’s TUE remains valid for national-level competition and out-of-competition testing only. If the matter is not referred to WADA for review, ETH-ADA must determine whether the original TUE that was granted should remain valid for national-level Competition and Out-of-Competition Testing.