All the information contained in a TUE application including the supporting medical information, and any other information related to the evaluation of athlete’s TUE request is kept strictly confidential and treated in accordance with the Athlete’s Declaration contained in the ADAMS TUE process and in the ETH-ADAs TUE Application Form ETADA tue_application_form_-_electronic_version.docx . All members of the TUEC and any other authorized recipients of the Athletes’ TUE request and related information (as described in the Athlete’s Declaration) are subject to a professional or contractual confidentiality obligation.

Please review the terms of the Athlete’s Declaration carefully. In particular, note that should athlete wish to revoke the right of the ETH-ADA’s TUEC to obtain the information related to your TUE request in accordance with the Athlete’s Declaration, your TUE application will be deemed withdrawn without approval being granted.

The Athlete TUE request-related information will be retained by ETH-ADA and any other authorized recipients for no longer than necessary for the purposes stated in the Athlete’s Declaration, in accordance with the International Standard for the Protection of Privacy and Personal Information.