Each TUE has a specific duration, at the end of which it expires automatically. Should athletes need to continue to use the prohibited substance or method, it is their responsibility to submit a new application for a TUE with updated medical information ahead of the expiry date, so that there is sufficient time for a decision to be made prior to the expiry of the current TUE.

 Important note:

The presence (following sample collection), use, possession or administration of the prohibited substance or method shall be consistent with the terms of athletes’ TUE. Therefore, if athletes require a materially different dosage, frequency, route or duration of administration, they should contact ETH-ADA, as they may be required to apply for a new TUE. Some substances and dosages, e.g. insulin, are often modified during treatment and these possible fluctuations should be mentioned by the treating physician in the TUE application and would usually be accepted by the ETH-ADA TUEC.