The Ethiopian National Anti-Doping office /ETH-NADO/, in collaboration with the FDRE Sports Commission and, the Ethiopian Sports Journalists Association, has provided an awareness discussion forum organized in Adama town on February 12, 2021.
The forum was officially opened by the FDRE Sports Commission Commissioner, H.E. Elias Shikur.
FDRE Sports Commission Commissioner H.E Elias Shikur, Deputy Commissioner H.E Dube Jillo, Director General of the Ethiopian National Anti-Doping office /ETH-NADO/ H.E Mekonnen Yidersal, Ethiopian Sports Journalists Association/ESJA/ and Sports journalists drawn from various media institutions were in attendance at the discussion forum.
Relevant papers in the areas of the ten-year strategic plan of the Commission, Doping and relevant issues, and Ethical values
of the journalist will be presented during the course of the forum.
                                          The Discussion Forum will last for two days.
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